Friday, October 19, 2007


This is quite an interesting concept that I've been working on for quite a while but I didn't think there was a perfect term to discribe it.

This article from the Wall Street Journal brings up a great point in character designing. Cartoon CharactersGet Big MakeoverFor Overseas Fans Read this before you read the rest of my article please. (Note; If this article get deleted by Wall Street without my knowing, I really can't fix it for you, so hopefully it'll last a long while.)

Now some of these "Transcreations" we've known about for a while (I have anyway), Sesame Street has been using different characters in thier forien shows for many years, Brazilian SS having more sexual untertones (as paroded by Simpsons) and an African version introducing an HIV positive character (I don't know if he's a puppet or a real kid though.) Minnie's Hello Kitty make over is something I'm surprised Disney hasn't done already, being ones of little creativity. In an anime store in my mall, the Mickey and Minnie stuff they sell is the Two Toned versions of them. Not saying that they don't make the 1950s Mickey in japan but you can't hardly find any Mickey and Minnie stuff at the Disney store on the opposite side of the mall, let alone the 1930s versions. And well all know asians love to rape little girls (sarcasim), so the PPG makeover is not surprising, but one thing that confused me was that didn't they show the original PPG in japan? Otherwise they wouldn't have gotten the idea to make an anime version at all.
I'd say the Indians seem to fuck up our characters the most. With Ballywood being able to produce movies faster then the porn industry, there is a lack of quality control in thier market. One of the reasons the US edits forien cartoons is because their subject matter is to far fetched and doesn't make since if not either stated in an exposistion or remade with a theme americans are familiar with. The Ring is a good excample of the US remaking an Asian movie. Must've been that american's wouldn't understand that being scared to death is a logical and scarier method of dieing, so they rewrote the scene so the girl looks more digital then an acaul person coming out of the screen, and then having it so the guys face has been melted off. The Indians must rewrite origin stories or change the characters so that it matches the relgious and social trends of teh culture and not seem to bizzare (Why would a spider bite cause Peter Parker to turn into a spider, all animales are sacred in hinduism right?)Well reglardless of what the US does here's some Indian mackoffs.

India needs quality control.

Just in time for Halloween

Here's a great Mickey Mouse transcreation. Not Indian but still really messed up.

This is not something that's new to our own culture. If there is anybody guilty of distroying cartoons from a different country, it's the US. Back in the 90s (and to this day) anime's are torn apart limb from limb and all traces of it's origin's were stripped away. I remember watching Sailor Moon and being currious as to why they called those white triangle things (riceballs) Dohnuts. Those arn't dohnuts, and is this cartoon supposed to be in Japan or the US? All the words are in english and the characters clearly look american, but they talk about Tokyo and other sorts of weird japaness culture traits added in there.
Pokemon was a huge butcher by having all the japaness pokemon names stripped and given english versions. This was an improovement because there are some really awkward pokemon that would tack forever to pronouce right for a little 6 year old. I still don't know how to say Lugia right, but some names they should've kept (Like Stunky was Skunkapu, that sounds cuter). The anime was butchered as well, having the japaness characters stripped from the backgrounds, the japaness theme songs rewriten, and japaness culture showdowed and unexplained. There were a couple of episodes deleted because of cencorship issues (One with James having double D size boobs, and a Trigger happy warden), but episodes that were about japaness holidays like Kid's Day and Women's Day were at risk of being deleted because they were not US holidays. IMO they should be US holiday's, we have secritary's day, why not Kid's day?
Sonic the Hedghog might be the most fucked up and saddest story out there (that I can express here). A japaness character, baised off of Mikey Mouse, comes to the US and given two separate and completely different cartoons that don't relate to the games original storyline. The Game's storyline had been edited to fit an american audiance as well, making Sonic from another planet and forgetting details like where he was born and making up that his powers come from his shoes. Well we know how messed up the fandom has gotten because of this, I don't think I need t go into it.

Next time I write a blog I'll go into into this a little more, and talk about how americans 'Transcreate' their own shows with time.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Art as a Drive + Show Pitch

It's quite interesting to see what pushes a person to draw. Most people will they do it for fun and others have to make a living of it. But when push comes to shove I find that I withdraw my needs to draw anything.

Most people will say they draw/paint/write to get their feelings out, but I find that when I'm feeling down the last thing I want to do is draw. I've gotten this thing about not really getting to personal on-line (except to close friends). I fear that I give away too much of myself and I usually find that I express my feelings in characters I create. I don't have them scanned but I drew some pictures of Ginger the other day feeling very week and mad. She's a type of person in me that shows my weeker and shy side, and certainly my most feminie side. Demion and Rebecca show my teenage angst and darker sides, while Annie-Mae is my usual appearance and shows my funny normal side or the things I wish I could be.

To pitch a show idea here, I had thought of a show about 4 artists, of all totally different styles, coming together to fight off monsters that were created out of evil feelings. Sure sounds kinda stupid now but it's still in work (hear me out): One character is a grafitti artist, who was raised in gangs and a hard life of crime but after the death of his brother he turned to art. The 2nd artist is a fine artist who paints and does more traditional mediums, the 3rd is a cartoonist who doesn't really use the cartoons as a carrer but is doing alot of bum jobs until she gets published, and the 4th is a young architect who uses mathamatical graphs and measurments as an art form. They use thier skills like weapons but it's not a thing they use on people. The premise is about creatures that are created by artists in their artwork that come to life and try to target and attack the subject that it's about. ex. A gang member tags a store with a symbol that tells other members that that place has to be raided later or belongs to that gang. The symbol will come to life and attack rival gang members or try to rob the store. So our grafitti artist will use his spary paint to block out the artist work and 'save the day'. This just doesn't happen in grafitti art but even fine artists and scuptures will paint or create things that will take over the artist and that artist will become a power of self destruction. In a way it's almost like our 4 artist heros are ghost hunters, only they can see the art come to life and can use thier skills to fight them off. The Grafitti artist uses speed as an advantage, the Fine Artist uses strong artistic background to create strong attacks, the Cartoonist uses her silly stuff to confuse or cause status afflictions and the Architech will build up a strong defence with good math skills. (This sounds corny even to me).
This wouldn't be a cutesy cartoon, I was thinking it be in a serious anime style, almost like Bleach, and would have the characters deal with death and serious problems (like our grafitti artist seeing ghosts of his lost gang members). One thing I think would make it different from other animes is that there wouldn't be alot of talking amoungst the heros, they would use their art to express thier feelings and thoughts to one another. Ex. Our Architect gets a prank pulled on him and gets his hair dyed a different color and the Cartoonst would keep painting her hair different colors to try to make him feel better. The only time you might hear long conversaitions would be when the media is talking about current events or from artists who didn't have the powers of the heros. It would mainly be an art driven cartoon but I was thinking of using other forms of art like even a musican, a sculpter, an actor, and a writer but that's over stepping it at the moment. I havn't given the show much thought or development because it'd take alot of time and money and is too much of a streatch to gain a good intrest. A show pitch is better then no pitch.

"What makes you draw? What makes you go on drawing even when so much stress has given you reason to stop?" There are alot of famous succesful cartoonists/artists out there who've been given enough BS about thier art that would make them want to stop. It's a bizzar artist drive, something in our bones maybe? We have blocks but something will strike us as funny or genius and then you enjoy drawing again. Never give up on your born need to draw, even if you're not good at it, or people are giving you shit about it. Anybody can be succesful you need the right market, I guess then the real issue is do you want to make a carrer of it.

Some of you might be happy that I'm trying not to post fanart to my blog here. If you're an active veiwer of my DA account you'll see that I do alot of fanart. Only one of these characters are mine, which is the girl character. I think my next big bio page will be about Annie-Mae because she is me. Once I get my electrical problems fixed I'll scan a bunch of pictures of her just for you. For those of you who want to know that guy character belong to 8horns, and is © to himself.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I think I should just get in the habit of updating even though I don't have any art to show. What I do have is some web designing work. What I'm currently working on is a website for a magazine called Your Wedding Day.
The site hasn't officially opened yet if you were to browse through the page the articles with words are the stuff that I've been working on. Sadly though my lack of knowledge in web design and other web based mediums minimizes the outlook of the whole site. I've only been able to use simple HTML stuff to format the pictures. The site itself is created through Joomla, which they might have just sold me on getting it to make my own website and once again minimizing the need for blogs and other group accounts making them dead and obsolete, but I do need a personal website that professionally displays my artwork.

Until I know the best way to run Joomla and tack advantage of it's software I'm just talking about my work through nice little blogs. I am stalling a bit because I'm working on a huge blog post about Rokko and his life. Several people (meaning only one) have asked for a full story about Rokko's story, both in his world and the real world. It's mostly a big collection of story ideas and key points in plot. It's taking so long because I have other things I need to be working on such as school and work, plus there is a picture that needs some final touches done to it that I wanted to release on DA as well as blog simultaneously. This is something I intend to do with all my characters and shows, plus releasing pictures that I don't intend to finish and/or only some people have seen before.

One last thing, I've seen nudity on blogs but is there no allowing of porn? I guess I'll have to read into that better. Not like I'll be showing pictures of myself nude but just things I've draw. I would post anything too detailed. I like people reading what I'm thinking too, along with showing off my art. Having a website just for business alone doesn't show what type of person you are, letting your mind wander a little bit makes you look human instead of writing on a website.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Row-ko the Gay Ninja and The Cute Wonder

God you know you've been watchign too much anime when you can't even pronouce american names right anymore. My sister looked at the name Rokko and said Row-ko, which is much like Ryoko or some Naruto character she likes. Well anyway this started a gag worth sharing.

I was thinking that Rokko wanted to be apart of those Bishie boys in anime that he notices Dot seems to like. So in an effort to be cool with his kids, Rokko dawns this get up but Dot gets annoyed really fast until Rokko desides to spook Ginger with it. Turns out it really does spook her and she hits him with a pan. Dot laughs, so Rokko kinda runs with it. Then Dot desides to play along with the idea and becomes his partner as they go aroudn twon being superhero ninjas so just some cute silly stuff. Luckly for Rokko his son's weren't around to take pictures to spread on the internet.

The Suit comes from a creepy image that I got from a manga book that I found at a thrift store. I don't have any idea what the thing he's advertising but it's looks really silly. His suit is gray but Row-ko's suit is banana yellow with blue stripes.

Enjoy the creepy preview.

The Horrible Life of Rokko

I think this might be the most appropriate place to put a fully collection of Rokko's story from start to finish. Everything is subject to change as life goes on and I feel that in the furture some things are not as relevant or nessisary to the over all plot line

1st collection of drawings of Rokko, Ginger, and Crikkit. Rokko being the cat thing, Ginger being the more doggyish lady, and Crikkit being the bug. The names were created in the theme of the Warners from Animaniacs where the boys had 'kko' with some prefix in their name that gave you some idea of thier personality. Crikkit never orginally had a name but Rokko called him a cricket to confuse people. Crikkit just spells it the way it's spelled because that's how Rokko spells his name.

Crikkit is 100% Cockroach. Even with the confusion of the name Crikkit, he doesn't politely inform you he's not a cricket, but would rather try to claw your eyes out instead. Crikkit is usally the gross one, doing things like burping at his enimies and making rude smells to make people run away from him. If there was a physical representation of a bad conscience for Rokko, Crikkit would be it. Rokko and Crikkit 1st met on a school homework assignment as a cat chasing a bug, but the bug pleaded with the cat to let him live and he'd help the cat do what ever he wanted. Crikkit soon started pushing Rokko's buttons and encouraging Rokko to do bad things. It became a cat and mouse game of "who ows who money", and would try to out do each other on painful, annoying tasks. They started as enimes but soon Crikkit and Rokko were best pals. Crikkit was Rokko's card counter, and right hand man. They had a system that never failed (most of the time), where Crikkit would usually serve as Rokko's underground message keeper, being able to get inside info from flys and other bugs. Most people who were enimes with Rokko would forget that Crikkit was connected to him, and thier plans were foiled by Crikkit's abilites to sneak into small spaces.

One thing people forget about Crikkit is that he's a bug, he doens't understand normal human feelings, and alot of his actions are baised on instinct. Though it's not confermed Crikkit says the reason he fears the women of his own species is because his mother ate half of his siblings and tried to eat him, so he ran away. Crikkit baises alot of his opinions and facts on things that he observes mammles doing and their ideals of beauty and fun...which would be big boobs, drinking, and fighting. Crikkit is not without linteligence or compashion. Where Rokko is the fast talker, smoosher, and the guy with all the luck, letting things get tossed to fate, Crikkit the one with the logic and usually tells Rokko the hard facts of the situation. He does have affection for Rokko's children knowing by instinct that it's not right for the babies to get hurt. His feelings for Rokko are that he needs a big strong guy around to fight off people who want to squish him, though Crikkit causes enough trouble that Rokko ends up beating Crikkit the most.
Rokko is like the fighting Irish, always ready to start something crazy and throw a punch when someone wants to hurt his friends, family, and any innocent sole. He's classic good guy hero type but unlike Clark Kent or Popeye, he lives like common folk and is a habital gammbler, mostly on horse racing or poker. During the early years of his life he was a habital drinker but after he became a parent (during prohibition) he kept to his promise to stop drinking. Part of Rokko's morals come from a bizzar youth that we never really see but only hear stories that he tells. The number of siblings Rokko has is never the same number. It starts at 12-15 and goes up to 50 billion in the same breath. Rokko tells of siblings raising siblings, a baby factory of a mother who he never met, and a father who appeared in the form blank checks. After a point, he saw that this was going nowhere fast, left them, and went off to get away from rotting hole that was his youth. That's the extent of Rokko's orgins story except for the times where he boosts that his 1st sexual experiance was with two twins in a Jr. High shower room. Rokko always knew Lon Borax, his creator, even though Rokko can't remember the 1st time they met. Rokko makes money from his comic strips drawn by Lon Borax, but usually Rokko finds odd jobs around the town he's in to help him get through the day. An early trick Rokko delveloped was to earn money then gamble what he earned to make double of it. No matter how rough or how hard the situation gets Rokko always keeps his promises. No matter how outragious they may seem he manages to stay true to his word.

Rokko will start fights out of bordom. Were the Warners usually pick and choose thier victems baised on the pain they cause others, Rokko doesn't need a reason to start bugging people. He's not a crook by nature but Rokko is not agienst hurting people for money. He's killed cartoons, set fires and robbed banks, but if something came up that tweeked his morals, or someone paid him more not to cause the crime he could easily call it off. The only time he's ever run away from a fight was when his children were around him or the time he tried to escape the draft for WW1. Even though he was F4'd, they drafted him and Crikkit as the entertainment. He can get a bit claustraphobic but for the most part he is quite mellow. He's always got grin on his face unless it's something direly serious he's worried about. He really hates to be a serious parent but he loves being an old foegy. He likes to remember the way things used to be, but he's not over come with the way society has grown. Even though he has alot of bad habits, he's a faminist and really respects women and his wife. He tries to punish his boys for being so women crazy, but he can't stop them from doing that.

Rokko's pals range from 1 time partners and aqaintaces to drink buddies and allies. Nobody really likes Rokko for being a great guy, but they enjoy the drama he causes. Alot of them owe him thier life somehow but Rokko can be bought off with a free drink. The picture to the right has a collection of possible charatcer designs. Tookie the Crow has the same mentallity of a undertaker. He's not going to crack a smile unless it's really something to be happy about. Very mellow and sass, he loves to make fun of people when he can. Gilburt is a Rabbit/Doggy that might be the most annoying person you'd ever meet. He thinks his pretty cool but being younger then the other guys turns out being very ignorant. Completely unaware of fact that Rokko despises him to a passion, ends up being the butt of alot of cruel jokes and insults. Still he continues to hang out with Rokko and takes the insults with stride. Martin is the only human of the group. Of all the humans Rokko has met, this is the one human who just started hanging out with the fuzzy heads one random day. When asked why, he just said "I think they're funny". He's a pretty easy going guy, and usually just watches what the other guys do to see what happens next.

The girls of Rokko's life range from easy sluts to acaul girlfriends, but there is one woman who's made him into a real man.:
Ginger's name is like Dot, where Ginger is word and also a name. Ginger, as a spice, is usually a sweet desert flavor, but ginger has an underline spicey taist to it that surpirses the taste buds. Ginger is usually very quite, and though Dot asks her mom to be a more independant and stronger woman, she loves living the house wife role. She can be quite surprising when she's put in a corner or some of her morals are stepped on. She'll throw a punch at you but then innocently ask if you're ok. Ginger is a huge snacker, like Wakko. No matter how poor she is, or where she is, she'll always prepare a 7 course meal for herself and eat it like a dainty princess. She's a classic damsel in distress and she could not feel safe without her Rokko. She feels she can take care of herself but her ignorace makes her week and sometimes look stupid. She's very much like Olive Oil, Princess Peach, and Wilma Flintstone.

Rokko met Ginger on a trip around a Latino Community. Rokko says it was Mexico but could've been a small town somewhere in southern California near Baha. Rokko and Crikkit were out on one of their get rich schemes when Rokko came across a sweet little girl wandring around on the streets late at night. She was getting attacked by some strange muggers demanding payment from her father. After Rokko scared them away, he turned the girl in hopes of getting to know her better but she ran away from him. He fallowed her to an old house where he saw the small girl work terribly hard day and night to feed and take care of her fat father, 7 brothers, and 7 sisters all by herself. She'd clean, and cook for her siblings and dead beat dad with no respect or thanks back. Ginger is a half sibling to all her siblings, where one half is fat from her fat slobby father and the other side is royalty. Her father married her mother to get the family riches. The mother "mysteriously" died and the father and siblings quickly waisted the money. Rokko tired to take Ginger away to the states, but was caught by the father and forced to fight for Ginger agienst a bull. Rokko lost, but while the father was boasting, Rokko kidnapped Ginger and took her away. Ginger was scared at 1st but feel in love with Rokko for being the only man who cared about her like that. She saw him as her hero.

Rokko and Ginger didn't hit it off right away. Rokko wasn't sure if he wanted such an innocent girl to hang out with a rough guy like him. He really wanted her to start a new life and get a good job but she was content with cleaning houses and cooking, like what she used to do for her family. Ginger would fallow Rokko along just have some company but would get mixed up in Rokko's fights and getting kidnapped by his enemies. There where men hired by Ginger's father who would come after Ginger to try to bring her back home or kill Rokko. No matter what the odds Rokko was always there to protect Ginger. It became such a routine that Crikkit became quite annoyed with the 'stupid bitch' who was always being captured (he never liked her because she tried to splat him back when they 1st met, he was eating her potatoes. Rokko saved him from her broom). Crikkit and Rokko never did the random stuff they did before she came along. Crikkit, calls Ginger a bitch to make Rokko mad.

Lon's involvement in with Rokko's life was very minimal. Most creators are completely un-aware that they have created a character who has a life of his own and will go off and live just like humans would (and vise versa for cartoons). Lon will tell you that Rokko was based after a little kitten that he had when he was younger. He found the poor kitten when it was floating down a river in a brown sack near death. The kitten seemed to have over 9 lives and could survive the craziest feats of strength and torments. Sadly Lon had to give the kitten up because of family allergies and could not tell you what happened to the poor cat after that. Rokko was born from a few sketches of the kitten on school papers and newsprint. Rokko's character development grew stronger when Lon started to have him chaise after a little bug who would become Crikkit. Soon after that Lon was making full comics of Rokko for his friends and the school newspaper. Through friends with connections, he was able to get Rokko plublished in real newspapers around Orange County, though the distribution didn't get very far it entertained many of Lon's friends in the area. Once Lon got into the newspaper game, he found that they were always cencoring bits from him comics. Certain words were cut out or replaced by more child friendly topics. Lon soon would draw comics where there were no text at all and you'd have to interprite what was going on through emotions and actions. One of the biggest cuts that really pissed Lon off and had him stop making the comics all together was when he drew a wedding day picture of Rokko and Ginger that he made for a gift to some of his friends. He had timmed it just right so that the comic would publish on the day of thier wedding and it'd have thier names and a big congradulation sign over Rokko and Ginger getting married. The newspaper didn't like the idea of a cartoon hero like that getting married, even though Rokko and Ginger were old enough to. Maybe the were worried about loosing readers because of a silly comic.

Rokko and Ginger's wedding didn't happen because it didn't get published. Rokko and Ginger had started to fall apart when Rokko was getting pressured by his friends (mostly Crikkit) to start seeing other women again. He hated having to say good bye to Ginger but such a pretty girl shouldn't be tossed up with a horrible criminal like him. They were separated for three months before Rokko got word of Ginger again when his friends had told him that she was looking rather plump around the gut. Well Ginger was pretty pregnant when they met up again, and Rokko had to make sure Ginger was ready to commit to marry a man who was natorious for having enimes coming at him left and right and begin gone for days on end. Rokko was scared and annoyed at 1st but the more he thought about it the more excited he grew to be a father. His friends were pretty stocked and excited too...all except Crikkit. Crikkit just about had a heart attack. Crikkit started to explore new ways of tormenting Ginger and Rokko, even to the point of getting Ginger to miscarry. He would poison her, slam books and bricks in her directions, but Rokko was soon there to equil the pain back on the bug. The last straw between Rokko and Crikkit was the days before the wedding. Rokko was given a batchler party in which Crikkit thought he'd get Rokko to bail out of the wedding by whoreing all sorts of women on him, but Rokko went back home, to bed, with no change of heart. That fallowing morning Rokko woke up alone; alone enough to feel those last moment wedding gitters more then the days prior. He took quite a long time to get ready though he was really close to where the wedding was supposed to be held, he didn't have to rush. As he put the finishing touched on his atire he looked at himself in the mirror, took in a deep breath, sighed and turned have Crikkit spash red paint all over his suit. If he couldn't bribe Rokko to change his mind Crikkit would sabatoge the wedding. Well Rokko was mad enough to catch Crikkit to slam his face into the wall a couple of times before Crikkit could bite Rokko and escape under the kitchen sink. Rokko didn't have any time at this point to try to chaise after the bug. He cleaned off what he could from his pants, but Rokko's shirt and vest were un-savable. He raced down to the wedding site and tradded cloths with one of his best men and made it to the runway right on time.

Well when the magic day arrived Ginger was completely unaware of where babies really come from, even with Rokko explaining to her how it was all going to go down. Rokko kept promising her that he'd be there with her but the doctors pushed him out before he could even say he was just outside. Alone in the waiting room for many hours not sure what was going on with his wife, he tried to sleep, but was awaken by a small scuttle sound from across the room. He could see it was Crikkit under the sofa across the way, but he was pretty sure Crikkit wasn't there to stop the birth. A wierd silent agreement went on between the two of them as if Rokko wasn't ready to let the bug back around but Crikkit was tired of being mad. The wordless conversation stopped when Rokko started throwing peanut shells at Crikkit and he soon dissapeared back into the darkness. Not long after that, just when Rokko's nerves couldn't stand anymore, a loud scream came from the other room and out came the nurse's holding thier ears in pain. They wouldn't let Rokko in until the baby was cleaned and ready so he went off to call Lon to give him the good news. When they finally let Rokko in, Ginger was rolled up in a ball in the bed facing twords the wall and the new baby boy was laying in the crib across the room. Rokko held his son, happy as can be, but Ginger didn't seem to thrilled and just staied huddled up in her ball. When they got back to Rokko's appartment, Ginger staied as far way from the child as she could. She didn't want to have any part of it, and Rokko was left to care for the boy for the 1st days at home. It didn't take long to figure out who made that scream he heard back at the hospital, the boy's 1st crys of hunger nearly broke the glass windows. Evertime the boy cired like that Ginger would run and hide.

When Lon finally came around he saw his sweet little cartoons in a grim and dark reality. How could they procrate like that without his permission? If he created them, shouldn't he be the one who was in charge of giving them children. He remembers some of those odd sketches he drew in his free time of Rokko and Ginger getting dirty but they were never published. Well he couldn't just tell them to get rid of it, even though Ginger didn't seem to want it, Rokko was trying really hard to be a good dad. Rokko started to get on Lon about how all of this was deep inside Lons subconsious. Lon was such a chicken shit that he had to create cartoons to live out his deepest desires. Rokko put the child to sleep, told Ginger to get over her fears and watch the baby while he took Lon on a gentalmans night to put some spirit into Lon's soul. Well Rokko could never hold his emotions through his drink, and soon after 5 drinks the bar was in a rainfall of fists coming in all directions and nearly on fire. Through all the commotion Rokko managed to get lost from Lon and ran back to the appartment. Lon was terribly scared of what Rokko might do to Ginger in his current state and dispite being bruised and battered made it back to Rokko's appartment before Rokko started to get violent with Ginger. Before, Rokko was willing to let Ginger get used to being a new mother, but for three days Ginger had been too afraid of the baby's cries to even try to breast feed it. Now Rokko was feed up and was sitting with her trying to get her to at least hold the baby without freaking out and breaking into tears. Lon dragged Rokko away and tied him up. He took Ginger away from Rokko and left him in the living room tied up, drunk, ranting and raving. Lon made sure Ginger was ok and she seemed totally unaffected by the whole ordeal, all the mean while Rokko was getting sick. Ginger saw how pathetic Rokko looked and started to clean him up. Lon staied over for the night to make sure nothing crazy would happen, but to his surprise in the morning he saw Ginger caring for the baby. She said that when the baby 1st cried she thought she had gravely hurt it because she was in so much pain herself and she couldn't face herself for having hurt him so much. But after seeing Rokko in need of her help she realised that the baby was just like a baby Rokko for her to take care of. Before leaving the three alone, Lon desided to name the child Yakko, because it was always makeing "googoo" noises and had a voice to kill someone. Lon would come back to name Rokko's other two children, claiming that Dot was named Dot because that was it, no more children after that.

Rokko was convinced that his 1st son was a genius. Right away Rokko heard his goo goo noises as acaul words or conversations Yakko heard his parents say so he would try to mimic them. Yakko started to say words as early as 2 months and conversations as early as 6 months. Rokko would spend most of his time teaching the boy how to read, write, and count cards. There is a possiblity that Yakko has a photographic memory but after he was brought to the WB studio it's unsure if he lost his memory when he was redesigned to be a Warner. Wakko was the baby of the family longer then Dot was. Yakko grew up fast, so Ginger spoiled Wakko the most...she spoiled all three of them, but him the most. Always keep her baby full, never let him go hungry. Eggs, bacon, waffles, baby formula, cheese, pancakes, upsidedown cakes, dohnuts, fruits, tuna, catfood, dog food, the weeds, pumpkins, mushrooms, tree bark, grasshoppers, the tabel, and a mint. That was just breakfast, dinner was no less 7 courses between the 2 of them (Dad and Big Bro usually had a small sandwich and dessert), and then rest and listen to the radio show. Where or how she got all that food, for cartoons it doens't matter. He couldn't forget his moms cooking. Wakko strangly remembers little things from this part of his life but usually confuses it with dreams he's had or comics he's read. Dot never belives the things he says.
Dot was never introduced into Rokko's comic universe. She only stayed with her parents for a year. Lon had moved his focus away from comics and started to work on full animations. He made a couple of solo animation that never really made it to the public eye but used as resume peices for bigger companies. Lon would always go back to Rokko for cartoon inspriation even though he started to come up with newer and more boring characters. Two cartoons of Rokko's were offically produced by a minor animation company, that was later bought by Warner Brothers, where Yakko and Wakko did make apperances as Ginger's nephews. While Wakko could say that he was in both cartoons Rokko made (one being in his mama's belly) Dot was never in any of Rokko's cartoons. Ginger was pretty determined to have a girl after Yakko. Rokko tried to convice her that Wakko was a girl but after 2 weeks Ginger started to catch on.
Yakko: Wow she figured that one all by herself?
Rokko: Yeah she was a smart girl that day. Took her out to dinner as a treat .
Wakko: Umm, I'm right here!
Rokko: Oh hay, could you go away so we can get back to talking behind your back again?
Yakko: Take me with you.

Before Wakko was born Rokko won a shack out in the middle of an orange grove in Orange County from a huge mob boss during a boxing match in 1923. Rokko picked up boxing not long after the bar fight he had with Leon. Prohibition had given Rokko the oppertunity to be a gruff for the mob and collect protection money. Not many people would take on Rokko because they could see how he fought in the ring (that and he was a phychopath). During one partcular fight the boss was watching Rokko beat up some poor fool, then proclaimed that he could take on Rokko putting double the prize money at stake. Double or nothing, Rokko was to fight his boss in a week but with the mob boss putting himself agienst one of his toughest gruffs was something Rokko couldn't pass down even if it ment possibly putting his family in danger of looseing thier main sorce of income (and another baby on the way). The night of the fight was pretty tough, Rokko had to fight a man made of pure white ink. Ginger and Yakko managed to sneak in without Rokko knowing, and it soon came apperent to them Rokko was having trouble. Even though Yakko and Ginger were helping Rokko (even switching his water with beer) the mob boss caught on to them. Rumors had been going around that Rokko had a genius child who could pick out the best poker hands, and the boss figured that the child was a bigger prize then the money he would get from Rokko. During a time out the boss uped the anti by saying that'd he'd give twice the amount of the previous money and a large piece of land out in an orange grove, for Rokko's son. Rokko (a bit sloshed) didn't want people to catch on to his perfect poker scheme so easliy and proclaimed to his boss that Yakko wasn't his son, and that he was so certain he'd win he would place someone else's child up on the bet. Well 15 more rounds go on the mob boss was still throwing punches like a robot and Rokko was near his last limits. Just before the final round Rokko saw Yakko trying to sneak more booze into his water again (Ginger waved to Rokko from the stands). Rokko appoligized for what he said but Yakko kinda figured that he was lieing because of the beer. The two of them came up with one last easy move to win the fight. Rokko called a time out to make a fast adjustment to the prize, he told the boss that he'd give the boss the 'genius child' weather he won or lost, and threw Yakko at the boss, just before the bell rang to start the next round. Yakko immediatly latched onto the bosses legs and started listing demands. The Boss was tossed down on the ground by Yakko's unrelentless grasp and chattering. Rokko began to hammer away on his head and softs spots before the ref could get in there and break it up. As soon as Yakko was pryied off of the boss's legs, Rokko could hit all the sweet spots to bring him down while he was still confused. One more round passed and Yakko was back on the boss hugging loving him and listing out new things they were going to do together. The Boss's head hurt so bad that the next three hits Rokko gave to his face, he was willing to call it quits just so that he could Yakko back to Rokko. Even though Ginger was a little mad that Rokko had to say mean things about his child, the money and the new house was enough to forgive it. Plus Rokko was in bed leave for a couple of weeks, leaving he and his son to do some nice bonding.
During the time in the Orange Groves were alot nicer because the cops had alot harder time traking him down, and he had more time to spend helping Ginger (Wakko being the opposite of his brother and being alot "Slower" ) . But for those last three years (which included Dot's birth) Rokko became most wanted on the Mob's hit list, the LA police, and CA child services. The police wanted him in jail, child services wanted those kids in a mental hospital, and the mob wanted Rokko dead.

Days before Rokko was kidnapped in 1926, he happened to witness some mobsters beat up a man for his car. Rokko manage to lure the mobsters into a public area where they couldn't kill him, to make an agrement. Rokko said he'd keep his lips shut about the thing he witnessed if the mobs let Rokko keep the car. All Rokko had to do was pay them $150 for it in three months. During that month alone Rokko managed to scrape up $50 for them, but on the last day, the mobsters gave Rokko the bad news that would completely distroy his life after that. Turns out the guy they tried to ice, woke up from his comma and started to put a finger at gangsters that beat him up and demanded his car back and the medical bills paid. Rokko wasn't going to give up the car that easily, and with an added expence of $500 (that's alot of money, think about it. Where the hell are you going to find $500 during the great depression?), he threw some quick punches and hurried home as fast as he could.
He couldn't throw off the mobsters. They easily fallowed him back to his house in the grove. Thankfully the children were playing in the back and missed the horrible scene of thier father beat in the living room, in front of their mother, and dragged away in a big black car and never seen again. Ginger waited for days on end for Rokko to come back, he would always come back. She waited on the front porch listeing for cars to drive up the gravel road. If that black car showed up again, she had a Colt under shirt just to make sure they didn't come out of the car, though she was pretty sure she couldn't use it anyway, it only shot little flags that said "Bang!". Crikkit the faithful bug went to every dark corner of the state and beyond to find out where they were holding Rokko. It didn't take long for child services to show up on the gravel road one day and see how distrot Ginger had grown and take the kids away. With no protest from the kids, they were tacken to thier creator, Leon Borax, an animator living in downtown LA working for minor animation studios. He watched those kids for 4 years, until they drove him completely mad, and on one horrible night in 1930 he lost his mind and gave the kids over to Warner Brothers studio. They were no longer the children of Rokko and Ginger, and both Rokko and Ginger were lost in history. Ginger two months after her children were tacken away, just disapeared. No one could say were she went.
Rokko on the other hand, after benig beaten into submission for three days strait was put on duty for the mob, working along side them robbing banks and doing the stuff he used to do in his youth. Rokko's morals never really changed much after becomeing a father, but he never thought he'd have to hold guns to a woman's face to keep her from screaming. Rokko was pretty sure that working this long would surly allow the mob to let him go and back to his family, but the only reason he never complained was the fear of them going after his family and hurting them. Sometime around 1930, Rokko finally snapped, he turned his guns' agienst the other mobsters and hi tailed it out of there. He manage to dodge the mob's forces for several months, but he had completely forgotten about the police. The cops hand delivered Rokko to the Mob boss to become his lacky's personal torture slave.

25 years later, of torture and hummiliation, Rokko was saved by Crikkit. The little bug managed to fix through every crack of the cell and find a way to get him out of thier. Rokko serficed again in 1955 and immediatly ran back to where his family was...well, where they were supposed to be. Over his old house, Rokko discovered a huge Megaville park praising a mushashed man and a mouse that he remembered from days of ol'. Filled with hate, Rokko made his way to the mouses home, but only to find the mouses girl. He desides to hold her hostage until he mouse comes home, which then he would procced to kick his ass to no end. How dare he let his human's tare up such beautiful land to create a marketing monstrosity? Where was Rokko's kids, his wife, his house, his car!? Why would those with such lack of tallent get everything he worked so hard for?
Miss Mouse saw an oppertunity to work her girlish charms on him, and plaied into his healiy emotional state. Heaven forbid she'd have to do the nasty with him to make sure her boyfriend had a chance to save her, but in the back of her mind she was sure Rokko would make an advance at her before she'd have to open herself up further to him. The timing being incredibly wonderful, the mouse knocked on the door, saw the commotion while Rokko was still in an emotional disarray, and sprung into action to save his girl. Rokko easliy took him out, once he got his grip. He was about to make some final blows when the mouse excalimed that he had no say in the park being built over Rokko's house, the human's just built it up putting his face everywhere, and that if he could he'd help find Rokko's family. Rokko took a 2cd look at what he had done. Within the two he saw himself and Ginger and desided that his karma had just equiled it's self out with this last move, killing a mouse and his girlfriend wasn't going to make it any better. With tears in his eyes, Rokko left the house and disapeared into the fabric of media and time, not to be seen until the late in the 2000s about 100 years after his birth, where he plans to find his wife and family again.

Any questions ? :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lumpys, Bumpys, and Grumpys

I've had g-mail account for a while but I didn't know it was that easy to own a blog. Sad thing though is that I have live journal that I've just about given up on and that nobody reads either...mainly because nobody read it and/or I didn't make new posts to it. Oh well...I don't know how long this will last either.

Featured in this blog is a new Morals Are Good preview comic that relates to a bit of a serious issue that I have going on that I need to have a doctor deal with. I'm not going to go into much more detail but it involves something similar to the comic. Like Chimby I will loose an Arm and a Leg, I'm sure of it. I'm just worried I won't do anythign stupid or that I'll scare them with my bizzarre lifestyle...or they might think I'm a saint...that'd be weird. Anyway there is nothing more erotic then a cold unfeeling doctor poking around your body with a gloved hand being completely biased and professional about the procedure. Oh yeah that's a real tunr on for me...Hmm this is my 1st blog...I guess I should hold back on the sarcasim untill I've earned your trust.

I've just been down a while but I think I just need some good loving. I got my three guys though. Smexy Goodness. The internet is a good place to hide and express opinions without real judgement. So be Nice... I need sleep now. Look at some new art.